Handmade in Louisiana

We keep it old school here at Hola Nola. While our competitors use high speed equipment to crank out tortillas by the millions, we do it slow and simple. In fact several of our pieces of equipment are from the 1930’s and 1940’s. They may be slower but sometimes slow can be oh so tasty! (Every time we read the story of the tortoise and the hare, the tortoise always wins in the end.)

Made Fresh Everyday

You will find with our tortillas, it’s impossible to find any two that are exactly alike. Like people, each of our tortillas is unique. We use out of date processes. We use higher quality ingredients than the big guys. We let our people work as artisan bakers instead of assemble workers. The result is a great product, made with care and pride. That is how food is supposed to be made.

Small Batch

Our petite tortilleria is a family affair. We are all hands and work together as a team. We believe a company is more than a financial statement, a building or its equipment…….it is people. Without our people, we wouldn’t exist. We all need each other and together we can do great things. In todays’ large corporate environment, this is not a common or popular school of thought. It is here at Hola Nola and it always will. If the day comes when it no longer is this way, then it is time for us to stop making tortillas and go home.